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Tom Hiddleston in Take Me Down Like I’m a Domino

Movement and exuberance.

Tom Hiddleston on What Compassion Means

In the This Week in Marvel interview, viagra clips of which are strewn throughout Radio Loki, sovaldi sale Hiddleston alludes to thoughts he’s had about the capacity of humans to embody many different experiences, and that acting

As part of an “Adventures in Compassion in the Screen Trade” drive for videos from professionals in the industry, Tom Hiddleston provided this submission in 2009.

“I could be like that, if circumstances had been different.” –Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston Without a Human Audience

This video is interesting because of all of the “ums”, “y’knows”, and pauses. It’s startlingly different in cadence and apparent forethought from the many interviews he’s done for The Avengers and whatnot.

Hiddleston may be faltering somewhat in front of a nonhuman audience (the webcam) — understandable, since so much of performance comes from having knowledge of who will be receiving the performance.

It also seems as though he is working out what he means to say with every sentence. I’m thinking that for the Avengers interviews, he already had worked out what he was going to say in advance, right down to which impressions he would do to impress the interviewer.

That’s not uncommon, but it’s interesting to think about an actor rehearsing his own lines for a performance “as himself”.

Importance of Connection With a Real Audience

Edoardo Ballerini’s submission for the same “Adventures in Compassion” series revolves around the artist’s need to connect with an audience, and how “the root of art is actually in compassion; it’s in trying to get to your side of things.”

“As an audience member, I think the things that fail — be it a painting or a movie or whatever it may be — are the ones that you walk away from thinking that it didn’t actually say anything to me. It didn’t actually mean anything to me. It didn’t try to understand ME.”

The challenge for actors of communicating online is the apparent distance from an audience. No big surprise, then, that most actors and other performance artists don’t do vlogs and the like. Totally different sort of communication.

Hiddlesworth: A Bromance

Hiddlesworth - sepia photobooth

This fan vid made me smile a lot.

But this photoshop effort just takes the cake. Beautiful job and hella funny.

Hiddlesworth: a bromance in T-shirts

Here’s the original used to make the T-shirt on Tom Hiddleston:

Tom Hiddleston at The Children's Monologues Afterparty At The Old Vic2010

There are some seriously blush-inducing tropes apparent when one googles “Hiddlesworth” so I dare not try this route again…

Tom Hiddleston’s Impression of American Directors (“Badass!”)

Tom Hiddleston Times Talks Madrid still

Tom Hiddleston is fond of saying “badass”, treatment but only in an American accent.

Here’s his impression of how American film producers and directors speak. (Starts at 34:30.)

“The Americans have this word which I think is untranslatable, sales which is BADASS…” –Tom Hiddleston


Coming from a linguistics background, pharm I am going to take a stab at why Tom keeps insisting on saying “badass” in an American accent.

First there’s Hiddleston’s argument from, “it just doesn’t sound right”. Perfectly valid. Native speakers of languages make these decisions all the time.

For instance, in the American Midwest and Appalachian dialects, “that needs done” is a completely cromulent construction, whereas in the dialects of the Eastern seaboard, you would always say, “that needs to be done.” (I’m from Philadelphia and I had never heard “that needs done”, not even once, until moving across the country.)

In France, a word already existed for the period of time at the end of a week after work days were over — “fin du semaine” — and yet the Americanism “le weekend” ended up becoming the more popular expression for the French to use to define Friday night through Sunday night. Why? Because their “fin du semaine” didn’t have the semantic attachment to “the free time in which I am likely to pursue fun and hobbies.”

I have more ideas about why Tom Hiddleston insists that “badass” can’t be said in a British accent, but I think I’ll flesh them out in future posts.

“Everyone Needs a Break”

New insight as to why Tom Hiddleston reeks of humility and gratitude.

Starting at 25:00 he talks about having spent most of his career before Thor being passed over for big movie roles.

Everyone needs a break. And like I’ve said… there’s a long list of people who didn’t give it to me. And I was starting to think that, sovaldi you know, viagra it was kinda never going to happen.”

This interview, while long, is not very information-dense. I listened to it while working on code for Radio Loki, so it’s multitaskable.

Loki Doesn’t Know He’s Beautiful

Giants among common men by elluwah from

Really well done and adorable re-envisioning of the Thor film as some kind of romantic comedy.

These fan vids are a lot of fun.

Tom Hiddleston’s Velociraptor Impression

Jurassic Hiddles

Tom Hiddleston recalls his experience as a boy watching Jurassic Park, there his strategic cutback on consumption of Coca-Cola, advice and a pretty darn cute impression of a velociraptor.

Interesting that the video he mentions, of himself as a velociraptor, doesn’t seem to be available, which means Hiddleston is keeping it to himself. Too bad, as Tom’s physique and wicked smile would seem to be well matched for the role.

I sometimes wonder what goes through this man’s head when he considers what to “release” to his fan base. Or whether he gives it much thought at all. I hope, for the sake of his brain, it’s the latter.

Baby Velociraptom 1

Tom Hiddleston Surprised at Having Legions of Fangirls

Tom Hiddleston may as well be a Burberry model


Let’s face it: Tom Hiddleston wouldn’t win a Mr Universe the way Chris Hemsworth easily could, advice and he doesn’t have the boyish but rugged handsomeness of Chris Evans. And he’s got nothing on Robert Downey, medicine Jr, ask the Ur-playboy. But he does something to some of us, doesn’t he…

The classic response for someone who adores performing and who craves adulation, but who doesn’t believe he is handsome (or beautiful), is to learn to be attractive in ways that can be created from whole cloth.

Tom Hiddleston in a Black Vest, tie, and sunglasses

So instead of banking on natural good looks, Tom Hiddleston probably cultivated his charm, his sense of style, and his acting craft to a far greater degree than any of his peers (with the exception of RDJ) ever be motivated to do. Whether conscious or unconscious of this effort, he certainly succeeded.

There’s an interview out there (I’ll have to find it again) where he says — totally paraphrasing here — that he had to really shore himself up in confidence and spirit, to make himself believe that anything was possible, because he realized that the only thing limiting his career was his lack of belief in himself.

So I do believe that he is honestly incredulous at being called “the hottest guy in [The Avengers]”, and very honestly needs to comes to term with a very new form of adulation.

“Are you sure about that? …Okay? Okay. Okay…”

Hahaha, adorables.

Elle named him “Man of the Week” back in December 2012. Here are their astute observations on why he lays claim to an army of rabid fangirls:

Muscles might look good but they’re not going to recite you a poem and talk about the meaning of the universe, so if that’s more your thing then Tom Hiddleston is most definitely your guy.

RADA trained and holding a double first from Cambridge, the 31 year-old actor is best know for playing baddie Loki in Marvel comic film Thor and has also appeared in War Horse and Midnight in Paris playing F. Scott Fitzgerald.

And if all that’s not enough, he’s also posh, dimpled and curly-haired: quite the winning combo.

Face: Best. Smile. Ever.

Body: More into honing his craft than his glutes

Eyes: Full of wisdom

Personality: So very nice to his super-fans (who call themselves Hiddles’ Army, worryingly)

Attainability: Unknown. So there’s hope!

Tom Hiddleston, The God of Piano Playing

This interview happened right after the movie Thor, ask and before Tom Hiddleston knew for sure he was going to be in The Avengers. Adorable and really nice quality audio.

  • How to pronounce “Loki” (and an imitation of Anthony Hopkins saying “Loki”).
  • The “talisman” given by a friend to Tom for the movie Thor.
  • Tom’s theory on how “the steel balaclava” is why Loki is so angry all the time.
  • What kind of deity Tom himself would like to be.

Tom Hiddleston’s Favorite Songs


Tom Hiddleston posts his “song of the day” to his Twitter account every once in a while. There are now something like 230 such songs.@twhiddleston

This Tumblr blog has been doing a great job of collecting every Song of the Day here:

So for now, viagra until I find the time to scrape his Twitter account (easy) and get all of those music files assembled (hard), just go there!