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Tom Hiddleston at 2013 BAFTA (all available clips)

Tom Hiddleston at BAFTA - Nominees Party 2013

In which our hero continues to ooze charm, there gentility, sickness and mischievousness at every turn.

Tom Hiddleston makes his entrance (reminding me of why I’ll never go to these things — what a mess!):

Zoe Miller interviews Tom Hiddleston on the red carpet ahead of the show (the best video of the bunch):

“There is enough padding. Yes.” –Tom Hiddleston on his experience playing the physicality of Loki

Tom presents the award for Production Design, pronounces “BAFTA” with an American accent, then gives the award away in perfect French:

Later, EEntertainment accosts Tom about his custom-made Armani tuxedo-style suit, while BBC “Glam Cam” lurks and gets a side shot of the same interview:

“I like to freestyle, I speak from the heart. Always from the heart. –Tom Hiddleston

Finally, Tom hijacks someone else’s interview and calls the weather “Baltic”:

There’s one more fan video from his red carpet entrance that I’m including for completeness, but I don’t recommend you watch it.

That’s all I’ve found. Enjoy!

Tom poses with costar Tilda Swinton from upcoming "Only Lovers Left Alive" film. (BAFTA 2012)

Tom poses with costar Tilda Swinton from upcoming “Only Lovers Left Alive” film.

Parachute, a fan promo for Tom Hiddleston

Another fan vid I liked, malady this one artfully and skillfully combining stills and video.

My primary critique of this one would be that the shots progress a little too quickly in general; there need to be longer pauses.

But I love the interplay of stills and film. Entertaining.

BBC Tries to Kill Us: Tom Hiddleston on Victoria Cross Heroes

Tom Hiddleston as Capt Randal in Victoria Cross Heroes

You know, mind usually I quickly the scan the comments on a Tom Hiddleston clip on YouTube and prepare to shake my head in vicarious embarrassment for the man. But this time, viagra after watching the following video, I had to upvote one of the topmost rated comments, copied below.

This video was released to DVD in 2006, which means Tom must have been about 23 or 24 when he shot this.

YouTube - comment on VictoriaCross

(Also, just direction-wise, what were they thinking? What a goofy scene.)

Tom Hiddleston as a Vampire (Only Lovers Left Alive)

It’s no secret that Tom Hiddleston’s next big film to be released is a love story between two vampires. *cue fangirl drooling*

Still, pills it’s fun to get an update now and then.

Also, look gotta love the resultant fan art imagining Hiddleston as a vampire. The following was created by DeviantArt user firebolide, treatment and the featured image (thumbnail) for this post was created by deviantartist vickylp.

Vampire by firebolide

The Loki Workout

Caged Loki pounds the glass

In this short interview clip, ambulance Tom Hiddleston recounts the type of physical activity he did to get and stay in the right shape to play the Loki, the god of leanness.

Apparently it was a lot of running and martial arts, which definitely reinforces what I have observed and learned about fitness over the past few years: running shaves off muscle as much as it does fat.

STAR Movies VIP Access Interview w/ Tom Hiddleston about Thor

Tom Hiddleston on Star VIP Access about Thor

I like this interview because it does seem like Tom has already recounted this tale of being considered for the part of Thor, ambulance but he finds ways to connect with the interviewer and speak from the heart — as always.

Tom Hiddleston Breaks His Own Glass Ceiling

Tom Hiddleston with a smirk

Here is the interview that got me so interested in Tom Hiddleston as an actor, ampoule in his voyage from British theater actor playing Shakespeare to supervillain in two Hollywood blockbusters.

The segment of interest starts at about 6:00 when he talks about “chasing challenges”, help and describes how 2011 was such an outlandishly successful year, sale that if one went back in time and told Tom Hiddleston “5 years ago” what would happen in 2011, “he wouldn’t believe either you or me.”

The shifts have happened in me before Thor, and I know that sounds odd, but I started to conceive — I suddenly realized that I placed a glass ceiling on my expectations, imposed only by me.

It wasn’t as if anyone else said, “Tom, you’re not going to be able to do these things, by the way.”   It’s as if I had said to myself, “by the way, you’ll never do those things.”  –Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston’s Commercial Voiceover Work

I may at some point pepper Radio Loki with some “commercials” extracted from the following audio, viagra but for now I post them here as a reference and curiosity.