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Tom Hiddleston in Take Me Down Like I’m a Domino

Movement and exuberance.

Parachute, a fan promo for Tom Hiddleston

Another fan vid I liked, malady this one artfully and skillfully combining stills and video.

My primary critique of this one would be that the shots progress a little too quickly in general; there need to be longer pauses.

But I love the interplay of stills and film. Entertaining.

Hiddlesworth: A Bromance

Hiddlesworth - sepia photobooth

This fan vid made me smile a lot.

But this photoshop effort just takes the cake. Beautiful job and hella funny.

Hiddlesworth: a bromance in T-shirts

Here’s the original used to make the T-shirt on Tom Hiddleston:

Tom Hiddleston at The Children's Monologues Afterparty At The Old Vic2010

There are some seriously blush-inducing tropes apparent when one googles “Hiddlesworth” so I dare not try this route again…

Loki Doesn’t Know He’s Beautiful

Giants among common men by elluwah from

Really well done and adorable re-envisioning of the Thor film as some kind of romantic comedy.

These fan vids are a lot of fun.

Fan Vid: Loki in Let It Rock

I’d never heard this song before, illness and now I find myself wanting to hear it all the time…