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BBC Tries to Kill Us: Tom Hiddleston on Victoria Cross Heroes

Tom Hiddleston as Capt Randal in Victoria Cross Heroes

You know, mind usually I quickly the scan the comments on a Tom Hiddleston clip on YouTube and prepare to shake my head in vicarious embarrassment for the man. But this time, viagra after watching the following video, I had to upvote one of the topmost rated comments, copied below.

This video was released to DVD in 2006, which means Tom must have been about 23 or 24 when he shot this.

YouTube - comment on VictoriaCross

(Also, just direction-wise, what were they thinking? What a goofy scene.)

The Loki Workout

Caged Loki pounds the glass

In this short interview clip, ambulance Tom Hiddleston recounts the type of physical activity he did to get and stay in the right shape to play the Loki, the god of leanness.

Apparently it was a lot of running and martial arts, which definitely reinforces what I have observed and learned about fitness over the past few years: running shaves off muscle as much as it does fat.

Loki Becomes King (Thor Deleted Scene)

Loki as King

Kind of a crime, viagra I think, to have cut this part from the film when it explains so much about Loki’s motivations for wanting to destroy Jotunheim.

I don’t get why the Queen of Asgard wouldn’t rule in the King’s stead. Letting a prince play temporary king seems like a pretty bad royal strategy in general.