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Tom Hiddleston’s Impression of American Directors (“Badass!”)

Tom Hiddleston Times Talks Madrid still

Tom Hiddleston is fond of saying “badass”, treatment but only in an American accent.

Here’s his impression of how American film producers and directors speak. (Starts at 34:30.)

“The Americans have this word which I think is untranslatable, sales which is BADASS…” –Tom Hiddleston


Coming from a linguistics background, pharm I am going to take a stab at why Tom keeps insisting on saying “badass” in an American accent.

First there’s Hiddleston’s argument from, “it just doesn’t sound right”. Perfectly valid. Native speakers of languages make these decisions all the time.

For instance, in the American Midwest and Appalachian dialects, “that needs done” is a completely cromulent construction, whereas in the dialects of the Eastern seaboard, you would always say, “that needs to be done.” (I’m from Philadelphia and I had never heard “that needs done”, not even once, until moving across the country.)

In France, a word already existed for the period of time at the end of a week after work days were over — “fin du semaine” — and yet the Americanism “le weekend” ended up becoming the more popular expression for the French to use to define Friday night through Sunday night. Why? Because their “fin du semaine” didn’t have the semantic attachment to “the free time in which I am likely to pursue fun and hobbies.”

I have more ideas about why Tom Hiddleston insists that “badass” can’t be said in a British accent, but I think I’ll flesh them out in future posts.

Tom Hiddleston’s Velociraptor Impression

Jurassic Hiddles

Tom Hiddleston recalls his experience as a boy watching Jurassic Park, there his strategic cutback on consumption of Coca-Cola, advice and a pretty darn cute impression of a velociraptor.

Interesting that the video he mentions, of himself as a velociraptor, doesn’t seem to be available, which means Hiddleston is keeping it to himself. Too bad, as Tom’s physique and wicked smile would seem to be well matched for the role.

I sometimes wonder what goes through this man’s head when he considers what to “release” to his fan base. Or whether he gives it much thought at all. I hope, for the sake of his brain, it’s the latter.

Baby Velociraptom 1

Tom Hiddleston’s Impression of Owen Wilson

Everybody loves Tom Hiddleston’s impression of Owen Wilson, cheap which was part of a larger interview for during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), cialis and it’s not hard to see why…


The more interesting thing to me about this video is that story that encapsulates the impression isn’t very interesting at all.

In fact the way that Tom ends the story on such a sputter gives me the impression that Tom was banking on this Owen Wilson impersonation to steal the focus away from the boring story.

Tom knows he’s going to win the interview with this performance, but he doesn’t preface the impression by saying, “hey do you want to hear my Owen Wilson impression?” Instead he couches it in a rather pointless story and follows it up with a rather calculatedly bashful fingers-through-the-hair, as if he didn’t know that the interviewer would absolutely adore him at that point.

I think I’m in love.

Yeah, I see through the nonsense, but it only just makes me admire him as a performer all the more.

Here’s the full interview that this clip comes from:

And here’s him doing the same story and impression in another interview:

The jig is up, Tom!!! haha.