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Tom Hiddleston Breaks His Own Glass Ceiling

Tom Hiddleston with a smirk

Here is the interview that got me so interested in Tom Hiddleston as an actor, ampoule in his voyage from British theater actor playing Shakespeare to supervillain in two Hollywood blockbusters.

The segment of interest starts at about 6:00 when he talks about “chasing challenges”, help and describes how 2011 was such an outlandishly successful year, sale that if one went back in time and told Tom Hiddleston “5 years ago” what would happen in 2011, “he wouldn’t believe either you or me.”

The shifts have happened in me before Thor, and I know that sounds odd, but I started to conceive — I suddenly realized that I placed a glass ceiling on my expectations, imposed only by me.

It wasn’t as if anyone else said, “Tom, you’re not going to be able to do these things, by the way.”   It’s as if I had said to myself, “by the way, you’ll never do those things.”  –Tom Hiddleston