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Tom Hiddleston in Take Me Down Like I’m a Domino

Movement and exuberance.

Tom Hiddleston at 2013 BAFTA (all available clips)

Tom Hiddleston at BAFTA - Nominees Party 2013

In which our hero continues to ooze charm, there gentility, sickness and mischievousness at every turn.

Tom Hiddleston makes his entrance (reminding me of why I’ll never go to these things — what a mess!):

Zoe Miller interviews Tom Hiddleston on the red carpet ahead of the show (the best video of the bunch):

“There is enough padding. Yes.” –Tom Hiddleston on his experience playing the physicality of Loki

Tom presents the award for Production Design, pronounces “BAFTA” with an American accent, then gives the award away in perfect French:

Later, EEntertainment accosts Tom about his custom-made Armani tuxedo-style suit, while BBC “Glam Cam” lurks and gets a side shot of the same interview:

“I like to freestyle, I speak from the heart. Always from the heart. –Tom Hiddleston

Finally, Tom hijacks someone else’s interview and calls the weather “Baltic”:

There’s one more fan video from his red carpet entrance that I’m including for completeness, but I don’t recommend you watch it.

That’s all I’ve found. Enjoy!

Tom poses with costar Tilda Swinton from upcoming "Only Lovers Left Alive" film. (BAFTA 2012)

Tom poses with costar Tilda Swinton from upcoming “Only Lovers Left Alive” film.

Parachute, a fan promo for Tom Hiddleston

Another fan vid I liked, malady this one artfully and skillfully combining stills and video.

My primary critique of this one would be that the shots progress a little too quickly in general; there need to be longer pauses.

But I love the interplay of stills and film. Entertaining.

BBC Tries to Kill Us: Tom Hiddleston on Victoria Cross Heroes

Tom Hiddleston as Capt Randal in Victoria Cross Heroes

You know, mind usually I quickly the scan the comments on a Tom Hiddleston clip on YouTube and prepare to shake my head in vicarious embarrassment for the man. But this time, viagra after watching the following video, I had to upvote one of the topmost rated comments, copied below.

This video was released to DVD in 2006, which means Tom must have been about 23 or 24 when he shot this.

YouTube - comment on VictoriaCross

(Also, just direction-wise, what were they thinking? What a goofy scene.)

Tom Hiddleston as a Vampire (Only Lovers Left Alive)

It’s no secret that Tom Hiddleston’s next big film to be released is a love story between two vampires. *cue fangirl drooling*

Still, pills it’s fun to get an update now and then.

Also, look gotta love the resultant fan art imagining Hiddleston as a vampire. The following was created by DeviantArt user firebolide, treatment and the featured image (thumbnail) for this post was created by deviantartist vickylp.

Vampire by firebolide

Tom Hiddleston on What Compassion Means

In the This Week in Marvel interview, viagra clips of which are strewn throughout Radio Loki, sovaldi sale Hiddleston alludes to thoughts he’s had about the capacity of humans to embody many different experiences, and that acting

As part of an “Adventures in Compassion in the Screen Trade” drive for videos from professionals in the industry, Tom Hiddleston provided this submission in 2009.

“I could be like that, if circumstances had been different.” –Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston Without a Human Audience

This video is interesting because of all of the “ums”, “y’knows”, and pauses. It’s startlingly different in cadence and apparent forethought from the many interviews he’s done for The Avengers and whatnot.

Hiddleston may be faltering somewhat in front of a nonhuman audience (the webcam) — understandable, since so much of performance comes from having knowledge of who will be receiving the performance.

It also seems as though he is working out what he means to say with every sentence. I’m thinking that for the Avengers interviews, he already had worked out what he was going to say in advance, right down to which impressions he would do to impress the interviewer.

That’s not uncommon, but it’s interesting to think about an actor rehearsing his own lines for a performance “as himself”.

Importance of Connection With a Real Audience

Edoardo Ballerini’s submission for the same “Adventures in Compassion” series revolves around the artist’s need to connect with an audience, and how “the root of art is actually in compassion; it’s in trying to get to your side of things.”

“As an audience member, I think the things that fail — be it a painting or a movie or whatever it may be — are the ones that you walk away from thinking that it didn’t actually say anything to me. It didn’t actually mean anything to me. It didn’t try to understand ME.”

The challenge for actors of communicating online is the apparent distance from an audience. No big surprise, then, that most actors and other performance artists don’t do vlogs and the like. Totally different sort of communication.

The Loki Workout

Caged Loki pounds the glass

In this short interview clip, ambulance Tom Hiddleston recounts the type of physical activity he did to get and stay in the right shape to play the Loki, the god of leanness.

Apparently it was a lot of running and martial arts, which definitely reinforces what I have observed and learned about fitness over the past few years: running shaves off muscle as much as it does fat.

STAR Movies VIP Access Interview w/ Tom Hiddleston about Thor

Tom Hiddleston on Star VIP Access about Thor

I like this interview because it does seem like Tom has already recounted this tale of being considered for the part of Thor, ambulance but he finds ways to connect with the interviewer and speak from the heart — as always.

But this photoshop effort just takes the cake. Beautiful job and hella funny.

Hiddlesworth: a bromance in T-shirts

Here’s the original used to make the T-shirt on Tom Hiddleston:

Tom Hiddleston at The Children's Monologues Afterparty At The Old Vic2010

There are some seriously blush-inducing tropes apparent when one googles “Hiddlesworth” so I dare not try this route again…

On Winning Total Film’s Sexiest Actor

Tom Hiddleston in a Tuxedo: old school good looks

On the heels of his honour as Glamour Magazine’s Man of the Year 2012, sovaldi sale  Tom Hiddleston beat out 9 other on-screen hunks to win a poll-based vote for “sexiest actor” on Total Film magazine’s website.

I’m going to copy-paste the whole writeup, because I don’t trust online magazines to keep their content safe even in the medium term:

We spoke to Hiddleston to find out what he made of being voted your Sexiest Actor Right Now…

What’s it like to beat the likes of Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt and George Clooney to the title of Total Film‘s Sexiest Actor?

“It’s insane. It basically doesn’t make any sense. When I was a teenager, my sister had a poster of Brad Pitt from Legends Of The Fall on her bedroom wall. I also thought it was generally accepted that George Clooney was some kind of gold standard? And doesn’t Robert Pattinson inspire mayhem and delirium wherever he goes?

“I suppose my question is: Are you sure? If you are sure, then I am very flattered. VERY. Thank you, ladies. You are women of impeccable taste and style. My god, you know how to make a man feel good.”

Could you have ever dreamt of inspiring so many hearts to flutter when you were growing up?

“Absolutely not. My sister used to say I had hair like a broom. She meant it in a nice way. In the nice way that sisters do. She was probably right. But sincerely, no.

“One of the great flaws that we all share is that we think everyone else is cooler, everyone else is sexier; everyone else has all the answers. That was me too.”

A dangerous edge is often equated with being sexy… which surely makes Loki super-hot! Do you think of him as devilishly attractive when you play him?

“No! I defer credit entirely to the hair and make-up department. I just play the character: his intellect; his lone wolf independence; his mischief. Mischief is danger, I suppose; mischief is edge.

“The strangely admirable thing about Loki is that he doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. I’ve always found that quality really sexy in women. Self-possession. Quiet confidence. An acceptance of difference. A certain… mischief. A sense that things could be a little “exciting”. I think I should stop there!”

I think Hiddleston has definitely hit upon something there — the mischief, the self-possession, the sense of the potential for exciting “things”.  🙂

But he’s also still selling himself short. Certainly Loki fired up a lot of new fans, but it’s Tom Hiddleston who won the poll, and the most cursory examination of Tumblr shows that he is well liked in all his incarnations.

Then again — and I’m going to dive into some heretical territory here — there’s something to the characteristics of Hiddleston’s fanbase that make him more likely to win an internet-based, “democratic” vote. Hiddleston most certainly has an army, and they were quick to mobilize.

(Insert countless Twitter screenshots here…)

Far from the first time that a somewhat “adorkable” fan favorite has won an online poll-based contest for attractiveness, John Linnell may have been the first to experience the power of an internet-savvy fan base — way back in 1998. He came in 9th place out of a cast of 1000 in a People Magazine poll for “Most Beautiful People”, and had the following to say about online voting in an op-ed piece in the New York Times, starting with “I’m a middle-aged accordion player…”

John Linnell middle aged accordion player

And Linnell STILL gets fan vids made of him.

Meanwhile, more traditionally handsome actors like (you know I am going to say) Brad Pitt get more of the big magazine time, but a lot less of the obsessive fangirling. Doing a YouTube search for “Brad Pitt fan vid” reveals more Angelina Jolie than anything else.  (I could be wrong though; this is all a very superficial examination. I want to dig deeper.)

I’m not saying Hiddleston ain’t all that. (I made a freaking Tom Hiddleston website, didn’t I?) But I am saying that there’s a peculiarity to his star power that has to do with the type of fans he has inspired.

I’ll certainly have more to say about this in the near future.